GER 3102 B - Reading and Writing Skills VI

GER 3101 B - Listening and Speaking Skills VI
Course Description
This course promotes students’ advanced listening comprehension and speaking skills using various such as story telling, conversations, interviews, discussions, talks, debates, etc.

This course aims to focus on the application of the grammar learnt to the analysis of sentences and the construction of texts.

At the end of this course, the students can classify and apply different types of tenses according to context and apply German grammatical rules to decline any articles, noun, adjective, or pronoun according to number, case, or gender. They can differentiate the types of sentences and construct simple sentences, complex sentences and compound sentences.

The students can analyze grammar rules in a text, newspaper article and novel; and evaluate their errors in their own assignments. They can evaluate the errors in their own assignment and  construct sentences correctly and grammatically, for writing assignments and communication.

Literature, History and Culture II

This course seeks to familiarzed students with contemporary German literature and provides them a glimpse of modern German society.

This course aims to provide a concise of view of German history at the same time promoting advanced speaking, reading and writing skills.

This course seeks to provide a holistic view of German language by familiarizing students with German culture and its interrelationship with language.

This course includes for example videos, quizzes, workshops, wiki websites, activities, glossary and assignment to practice and learn with the students.

Translation and Interpretation II