GER 4101 B - Listening and Speaking Skills VIII

Reading and Writing Skills VIII

GER 4103 B : Business German II
Course Description
The course aims at developing the kind of German required in business situations.

This course is a continuation of GER 4103 A : Business German and uses the second half of the same textbook, Denk mal! and its materials. This course will provide you with an introduction to the language used in business settings in German-speaking countries. We will cover topics such as: communication through phone, emails, letters, writing a resume and job application, preparing for a job interview, ordering products and marketing, banking, company organization forms, and doing a presentation on a product and on your company. We will also discuss current issues concerning the German and European economy.

GER 4104 B: Literature, History and Culture IV

Course Description

This course seeks to familiarized students with contemporary German literature and provides them a glimpse of modern German society.

This course aims to provide a concise of view of German history at the same time promoting advanced speaking, reading and writing skills.

This course seeks to provide a holistic view of German language by familiarizing students with German culture and its interrelationship with language.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills