English Department: Third Year Classes

Business English II (ENG3103B)

Listening and Speaking Skills VI (ENG 3101 B)

Literature, History and Culture II (ENG 3104 B)

This is the course aims for the third year, English specialization students. It's module no. is ENG 3102 B and course name is Reading and Writing Skills VI. 

At the end of the program of the course(Sem I + II) , students would be able to

(1)   Understand and apply reading strategies: identifying main ideas and supporting details, previewing a text, taking notes, distinguishing facts from opinions, using referents to understand contrast, using a graphic organizer, using a timeline and scanning a text 

(2)   Classify and use vocabulary skills: using the dictionary to identify word forms, Use of context to understand words, synonyms, suffixes, using the dictionary to find the correct meaning, phrasal verbs, collocations with nouns, scanning a text

(3)   Adapt grammar rules: real conditionals: present and future, use and placement of adjectives, parallel structure, compound sentences, shifts between past and present time frames, gerunds and infinitives, complex sentences, sentence fragments in their writing

(4)   Write and create paragraphs and essays : How to paragraph, descriptive paragraph, summary and a personal response paragraph, opinion essay, narrative essay, analysis essay with reasons and examples, cause/effect essay, argumentative essay

(5) Analyse and evaluate the data and knowledge they have got from reading with critical thinking. 

Translation and Interpretation II (ENG 3105 B)