Dieser Kurs soll fortgeschrittene Lesefähigkeiten entwickeln und sich gleichzeitig 
auf die physische und wirtschaftliche Geographie Deutschlands konzentrieren.

Dieser Kurs soll es den Schülern ermöglichen, den reichen, abwechslungsreichen und 
leichteren Gebrauch der deutschen Sprache in literarischen Werken zu schätzen und 
ihre fortgeschrittenen Schreibfähigkeiten zu entwickeln.

GER 5203 B: Business German IV

Course Description
The course aims at developing the kind of German required in business situations.

Course Description 
This course seeks to familiarized students with contemporary German literature and provides them a glimpse of modern German society.
This course aims to provide a concise of view of German history at the same time promoting advanced speaking, reading and writing skills.
This course seeks to provide a holistic view of German language by familiarizing students with German culture and its interrealationship with language.

This course promotes the ability to translate texts into German and to interpret general conversations from Myanmar and English and vice-versa.

This course is designed for people from different social environments and cultural backgrounds. When they meet and communicate, especially when dealing with sensitive issues where personal feelings and opinions are involved, the differences in their backgrounds can cause misunderstandings and create barriers. These misunderstandings can also cause friction in their relationships and can even cause annoyance and unnecessary hardships. To communicate with respect and effectiveness, it is essential to avoid such insulting acts in speech and manners. Speech tones and use of proper vocabulary are important to illustrate politeness and friendship. It is important to learn some essential facts about the land and the historical, social and cultural backgrounds of the people speaking the language to avoid unwanted problem problem in communication, when learning a language.